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  • Most diamonds have unique clarity characteristics, much like a fingerprint. These distinguishing characteristics can be classified as inclusions and blemishes. Inclusions are enclosed within a diamond or extend into the diamond from its surface while blemishes, on the other hand, are confined to the diamond's surface. When light enters a diamond, it is reflected in and refracted out. If anything disrupts the flow of light through the diamond, such as an inclusion, a proportion of the light reflected may be lost. This effect can detract from the pure beauty of the diamond.

    To get the most value, Adiamor suggests selecting a diamond that is "eye clean" where no internal flaws are visible to the unaided eye. The table here depicts how a flaw (inclusion or blemish) may appear under 10X magnification.

    You may not notice a significant difference between an SI1 and a SI2 with the naked eye. However, you should consider the number, size, brightness, nature, and position of the inclusions of an SI2 graded diamond to ensure that it is eye clean. Some inclusions can be hidden by a prong when mounted, thus having little effect on the beauty of a diamond. An inclusion in the middle or top of a diamond, however, could impact the dispersion of light, sometimes making the diamond appear less brilliant.

    Our diamond consultants can inspect an SI2 graded diamond to ensure that it is eye clean before your purchase. For assistance, please email us at or contact a customer service representative by phone at 213.622.3243.

    FL - IF
    (AGS 0)
    Flawless and Internally FlawlessFlawless and Internally Flawless Diamond
    Flawless: No inclusions
    or blemishes of any sort
    under 10X magnification.

    Internally Flawless: No inclusions, but some
    minor blemishes.
    VVS1 - VVS2
    (AGS 1-2)
    Very Very Slightly Included
    Very Very Slightly Included Diamond
    Contains minute inclusions that are very difficult to see under 10X magnification, even for an experienced grader.
    VS1 - VS2
    (AGS 3-4)
    Very Slightly Included

    Very Slightly Included Diamond
    Contains minute inclusions when observed with effort under 10X magnification.
    An excellent value as
    there is no noticeable
    difference to the unaided
    eye from VVS.
    SI1 - SI2
    (AGS 5-6)
    Slightly Included

    Slightly Included Diamond
    Contains inclusions noticeable under 10x magnification. An SI1
    should not have any eye visible inclusions, but SI2 may, depending on the size and location of the flaws.
    I1 - I2 - I3
    (AGS 7-8-9)

    Included Diamond
    Contains inclusions that
    are obvious under 10X magnification and possibly
    to the unaided eye.

    Adiamor does not carry I-grade clarity.